10 Romantic Getaways That Promise Love and Adventure

Romantic Getaways

Romantic Getaways – Hunting for that perfect romantic escape can feel a bit like swiping left in a sea of sameness until you stumble upon that one gem that makes you hit pause. The era of predictable romantic getaways is over, and in its place rises a selection of truly swoon-worthy trips together with cozy Airbnbs and short-term rentals that redefine what it means to recharge your love batteries with your boo.

From wine-tasting tours in Napa Valley, California, hot air balloon rides in Sedona, Arizona, to turning up the heat in Key West, Florida, every location offers its own slice of romance as well as fun fun fun times. Whether it’s lounging in a tropical paradise with a view that stretches for days or immersing in the rich culture of Louisiana, these places know how to set the mood for love.

And we don’t stop there. We know one of the most challenging parts of planning a vacation is deciding on a place to crash. Believe us, that has started more couple fights than you think. So, we got you, and we did the finding so you don’t have to!

Ready to fall in love all over again? Let’s dig in!

Romantic Getaways – Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Location: Napa Valley, California

Wine Tasting in Napa Valley

Napa Valley wine-tasting tours are the ultimate scene for couples craving a mix of epic vineyard views and exclusive sips. This isn’t your standard wine country visit. It’s an adventure where every sip and scene is straight fire, perfect for those who want their romance with a side of unforgettable experiences.

Kick things off at a boutique B&B that’s all about those cozy vibes and killer breakfasts. It’s your home away from home, but with vineyard views that’ll make your morning Insta stories pop.

When it comes to the wine, Napa’s got the juice—literally. These tastings are less about the stiff upper lip and more about vibing with the vintner’s passion project. You’re not just tasting wine; you’re immersing in stories that make each glass more memorable.

And the food? It’s a culinary journey from street eats that’ll surprise you to star-rated dining experiences that are as much about the atmosphere as they are about the flavors. Napa’s dining scene is a treasure trove of taste experiences waiting to be explored.

For those in search of that perfect pic or just wanting to soak up Napa’s natural beauty, options abound. Take a sunrise balloon ride for views that are nothing short of magical, or cruise the vineyards in style for that perfect shot.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Perfectly poised between the vibrant scenes of downtown Napa and the quaint vibes of Yountville, Villa RayEl is a haven for couples eager to craft memories among the vines.

Picture this: evenings spent by a babbling creek, and sunset views over vineyards that stretch forever, all from the comfort of a space dripping with romance.

Whether you’re dipping into the pool after a day exploring the valley or warming up in the hot tub as stars begin to dot the sky, every moment here is a nod to the finer things in life.

Photo Credit: Airbnb

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Lovebird Escapes – Historical Date in Savannah

Location: Savannah, Georgia

Romantic Date in Savannah

Savannah, Georgia, isn’t just any old city—it’s a vibe, a mood, a whole experience that grabs you by the soul and refuses to let go. Couples looking for more than just a cookie-cutter getaway will find this spot a treasure trove of “us time.”

First off, hitting the water with a Savannah Riverboat Cruise is the move. Whether it’s catching a sunset or combining sightseeing with dining, these cruises are the real deal for lovebirds wanting the perfect backdrop for their Instagram stories.

Exploring the Historic District feels like wandering through a live-action Pinterest board. It’s all there: the Spanish moss, architecture with more stories than your grandpa, and squares that are more charming than a southern belle.

Plus, for those who dig a bit of spooky spice in their romantic escapades, ghost tours are basically mandatory. Because what’s more bonding than getting the heebie-jeebies together in one of America’s most haunted cities?.

And hey, why not throw in a carriage ride? Nothing screams, “we’re in this fairytale together,” quite like a slow ride under the stars, surrounded by Savannah’s historic glow.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Step back in time with a twist of today at B&B Zia Gianna in Savannah, a fusion of 1899’s architectural grace and the cozy, luxe touches that today’s couples crave.

From the get-go, this spot sets the scene for those enchanted by the allure of historic squares and the whispers of antebellum spirits, offering a stay that’s both a nod to the past and a wink at modern comfort.

Mornings here start with gourmet breakfasts, setting the tone for days spent exploring or simply lounging with your S.O. by the fish pond. As dusk falls, the choice between a fireside chat in a living room that’s kept its charm for over a century or a starlit soak in the hot tub presents itself.

Welcome to our newly renovated Sicilian style B&B
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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Enchanting Excursions – UFO hunting in Sedona

Location: Sedona, Arizona

Enchanting Excursions - UFO hunting in Sedona

Sedona is not your average couple’s retreat; it’s a vibe, a whole mood that whispers (or sometimes shouts) romance. This place has a knack for turning moments into memories, with its jaw-dropping red rocks, the kind of sunsets that make you believe in magic, and starry nights so clear you’d swear the universe is showing off just for you.

Jeep tours here are not your garden-variety sightseeing. We’re talking heart-thumping, off-road excursions where Sedona’s wilderness becomes your playground. Pink Jeep Tours steal the spotlight, offering exclusive access to the red rock’s majesty, like the iconic Bell Rock, and turning the thrill dial up to eleven.

As day turns to dusk, Sedona shows off its softer side. Spots like Cathedral Rock aren’t just photogenic; they’re where time stands still, and all you’ve got is the now—perfect for those sunset selfies that scream #RelationshipGoals. Then, as darkness blankets the sky, Sedona’s star-gazing game is unmatched, thanks to minimal light pollution that makes the Milky Way your nightly canopy.

For a left-field date night, UFO hunting in Sedona is as quirky as it gets. Armed with night vision, you’ll scour the skies for otherworldly activity because why not add a bit of cosmic mystery to your couple’s escape? And for chill days, Tlaquepaque Arts Shopping Village delivers with its blend of artsy shops and eateries set in picturesque courtyards—ideal for that leisurely couple’s wanderlust.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Tucked at the tail end of Oak Creek Canyon, this Sedona retreat redefines the getaway game, crafted by a local artist for those who vibe with nature’s deeper beats.

With a rooftop that’s all grass, hot tub, and starlight, plus a koi pond bringing the outside in, this spot speaks to soul-seekers and lovebirds alike. Imagine waking to red rock views, exploring private trails, or soaking in antique tubs with mountain vistas.

This place offers a slice of solitude with a side of adventure, where every window frames nature’s masterpiece, and every moment feels like a step off the beaten path.

Beautiful setting. Surrounded by forest service land
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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Lovers’ Haven – Charleston, South Carolina

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Embarking on a Charleston journey? Let’s flip the script. Picture exploring a city where every turn is a new chapter, and the vibe is a mix of old-school charm and new-age flair. Middleton Place isn’t just a stop; it’s a dive into the lives of those who walked its grounds centuries ago, offering more than just a peek into America’s founding tales—it’s a vibe where history feels alive.

Rethink the dinner date. Charleston’s eats are more than food; they’re stories, each dish a paragraph in the city’s culinary novel. A food tour here? It’s less about the eating, and more about savoring tales spiced with Southern charm, a journey through flavors that define not just a city but its heart.

Now, let’s talk about shared adrenaline. That haunted jail? It’s less about the spooks, and more about the thrill of shared experiences that turn into “remember when” stories, the kind that define adventures.

Seeking tranquility? Charleston’s beaches are less crowded sanctuaries, offering moments of serene togetherness. Whether it’s the untouched beauty of Sullivan’s Island or the spirited sands of Folly Beach, each offers a chapter of tranquility in your love story.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

This home is one block off King Street in a neighborhood that is full of great restaurants, coffee shops and shopping!
Photo Credit: Airbnb

This spacious 2500 sq ft spot merges the allure of yesteryear with the sleekness of modern living, tailor-made for those keen to explore the city’s historic charm and foodie paradise by just stepping outside.

With its quartet of bedrooms spread across three floors, the setup is perfect for both family getaways and lovers’ retreats. Here, you can kick back in royal comfort with beds fit for royalty or an A-list celebrity, and have the luxury of a full bath on every level, streamlining the morning rush.

The kitchen is a total showstopper, decked out with gas stoves and stainless steel appliances, plus a wet bar for those DIY cocktail nights. And for the tiny travelers (it’s tough to find a babysitter, we get it), the nursery offers a quiet corner for dreamtime.

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Amorous Adventures – Take A Maui Helicopter Tour

Location: Maui, Hawaii

Amorous Adventures - Take A Maui Helicopter Tour

Maui’s vibe is like that one song that gets stuck in your head—totally enchanting and forever replayed in your memories. Imagine embarking on an island escapade that kicks the typical couples’ retreat up a notch. It’s not just about lounging on pristine beaches (though, let’s be real, that’s pretty epic, too); it’s about celebrating love and life as you go through amazing experiences.

Then, switch gears and dive into the waves with a surfing lesson that’s as much about wiping out as it is about picking each other back up—literally and metaphorically. Kaanapali Beach becomes your arena for laughter, splashes, and maybe even mastering a wave or two together.

Elevate your love story with a twist—take it 10,000 feet above sea level. A helicopter tour over Maui isn’t just a flight; it’s an adventure where you’ll swoop past hidden waterfalls and untouched landscapes.

As the day fades, a sunset dinner at Wailea Beach Resort isn’t merely a meal; it’s a scene straight out of a rom-com. Candlelight, the sound of the ocean, and a menu that stars the Lobster Mac ‘n Cheese—it’s the dinner date to end all dinner dates.

Romantic getaways – Looking for somewhere to stay?

Tucked away in Wailea’s lush Palms complex, this swanky 1 bed, 2 bath condo is where bougie meets aloha spirit, making it a dream pad for couples diving into Maui’s magic.

With its sleek renovation, the place dishes out serious vacation goals, from the jaw-dropping ocean views on your private lanai to the gourmet kitchen that’s just chef’s kiss. It’s all about vibing with your plus one in a space where sunsets paint the sky nightly, and the bedroom is a haven of romance, decked out with sumptuous bedding and art that echoes the island’s fiery dusks.

Geared with ritzy comforts like high-end tech and mood lighting, this condo nails the cozy yet chic island living.

Luxury 1 bedroom 2 bathroom condo
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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Intimate Hideaways in Key West

Location: Key West, Florida

Intimate Hideaways in Key West

Forget the FOMO and set your sights on Key West, Florida, the ultimate romantic island escape for you and your boo. This vibrant gem at the southernmost tip of the US is all about exploring the laid-back charm of a destination where every moment feels like it’s straight out of a romantic flick. Yeah, we’re talking real Notebook vibes, but with way more key lime pie!

First, how about kickstarting your love-drenched escapade at Mallory Square, where you can enjoy music that perfectly accompanies your romantic reverie. And speaking of music, why not sway to the soulful tunes at the Green Parrot or get jazzed up at the Little Room Jazz Club? Key West’s music scene is like the perfect love song—unforgettable and always hitting the right notes.

Now, for those couples who live for the adrenaline high, how about a tandem jet ski ride across the Cerulean waters? Just you, your partner, and the thrill of the open sea, maybe stealing a kiss or two when the world’s not watching. Who cares? Am I right? Only the two of you matter this time). Or elevate your love—literally—with a parasailing journey, where you and your boo can soar above it all, sharing a serene moment high above the sparkling ocean.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Situated in the heart of Key West, this renovated 1880’s Cigar Maker’s Cottage seamlessly marries its historic roots with modern amenities, offering a unique island getaway. Imagine waking up in a plush king bed, streaming your favorite series on a 56” Smart TV, and cooking up a storm in a gourmet kitchen.

The outdoor shower adds a tropical touch, perfect for embracing the Florida sun. With two king bedrooms upstairs, this spot is all about luxury living and meets quaint charm. Step outside to your private deck and unwind in a hot tub surrounded by lush greenery, or lounge by one of the two heated pools, perfect for relaxation.

Historic Inn & Cottages, begun in 1993
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Romantic Winter Getaway In Aspen

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Romantic Winter Getaway In Aspen

Aspen, Colorado, serves as the go-to for couples craving an alpine escape with a twist of luxury and a dash of adventure. Here, you can live your childhood dream of floating sky-high in a hot air balloon, while sipping champagne and soaking in the sunrise over the Rockies—a total must-do for lovebirds. For foodie duos, Aspen’s culinary game is strong. Breakfast at The Little Nell or sushi at Matsuhisa? Decisions, decisions. Both offer a taste of Aspen’s luxe life without the pretense, perfect for those unforgettable dinner dates.

For the outdoorsy pair, Aspen takes daytime dates to a whole new level of awesome. Swap Netflix binges for gondola rides to Aspen Mountain’s summit, where the views are as epic as your love story. And if chilling is your thing, why not unwind with a couple’s spa day at the St. Regis for some R and R? No, not rest and relaxation–romance and relaxation!

Thrill-seekers, fear not. Horseback rides on Snowmass Mountain or cross-country skiing through Aspen’s winter wonderland crank up the dial on adventure, proving love thrives on adrenaline too. And when the sun dips, Aspen’s nightlife sparkles just for two.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Right in Aspen’s lively core, this sleek, air-conditioned condo offers snow aficionados a stylish base with doorstep access to the slopes and city buzz. With its personal touch from the owner’s direct management, this two-bedroom haven merges comfort with chic, ensuring a stay that’s as smooth as the nearby ski runs.

The hassle-free perks like rare-in-Aspen garage parking and an elevator make arriving and settling in as breezy as the mountain air. Beyond the door, adventure awaits with ski-in access and the town’s culinary and shopping gems just a stroll away.

Corner of Durant and Aspen St.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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Romantic Getaways – Lovers’ Haven – Big Sur Road Trip

Location: Big Sur, California

Lovers' Haven - Big Sur Road Trip

Next on our list is a rugged holiday trip to Big Sur, California, baby! Forget about the usual travel brochure speak; Big Sur is where you slow dance in the twilight of McWay Falls or share whispers under the ancient watch of redwoods. It’s where you lock eyes over campfire embers, not just screens. In this wild, untamed slice of California, couples swap city buzz for the symphony of crashing waves and rustling leaves.

Here’s a pro tip: Let spontaneity lead the way. Ditch the itinerary for once. Whether it’s pulling over to marvel at a viewpoint that looks like it’s straight out of a painting or finding that one bakery with the killer pastries, these unplanned moments become the highlights of your Instagram stories, fueling your couple goals.

As for those lodges perched like secrets along the coastline, they’re the kind where you’ll lose track of time, wrapped up in each other and the breathtaking views. Dining in Big Sur? It’s an affair where the dress code includes comfy shoes and an appetite for the local, whether that’s a seafood dish caught hours before or organic produce that tastes like sunshine.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

In the heartbeat of Big Sur’s rugged beauty, Heavenly Retreat redefines the cozy corner of Carmel Valley for couples who vibe with the luxe life amidst nature’s grandeur. Fresh off a 2019 glow-up, this spot is all about sun-soaked days, vineyard hops, and culinary quests, a mere skip from Carmel Valley Village’s finest.

Decked out with a chef’s kitchen that could turn any meal into a Michelin-star moment and bedrooms that spell comfort with a capital ‘C’, this single-level stunner is the real deal. Outdoors, the terrace and the wraparound deck serve up privacy with a side of breathtaking views, perfect for that golden hour toast or morning espresso serenade.

And when the pull of Pebble Beach or the whispers of Carmel-by-the-Sea call, you’re just a cruise away from diving deeper into Cali’s treasure chest.

Stunning views from the main deck
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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Romantic Escapades In New Orleans

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Romantic Escapades In New Orleans

New Orleans: where every corner serves a slice of romance with a side of soul. This city isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience, one that grabs you by the heartstrings and plays a tune you’ll never forget. Imagine roaming the streets of the French Quarter, where history whispers love stories of the past and every gas lamp lights a path to new adventures.

Cue the jazz – it’s the city’s love language, after all. Those sultry, smooth sounds pouring out of dimly lit clubs aren’t just music; they’re an invitation to fall in love, either all over again or for the first time. Grab your S/O and let the rhythm lead you; who knows where you’ll end up, but you’ll be together, and that’s all that matters.

Now, let’s get real about the food because if love had a flavor, it would taste like New Orleans. We’re talking mouth-watering gumbo, jambalaya that’ll make you wanna slap ya mama, and beignets so good they’ll have you speaking in tongues. This city doesn’t just feed your stomach; it feeds your soul.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Dive headfirst into the heart of NOLA’s vibrant culture with a stay at this chic, HGTV-renovated 1-bedroom haven on Louisa Street, where Victorian charm meets modern luxury.

Featured on “New Orleans Reno,” this stylish retreat boasts a spacious front porch that’s perfect for soaking up the neighborhood’s eclectic vibe, 12.5-foot ceilings that elevate your stay literally and figuratively, and a queen-sized Simmons mattress (endorsed by the Four Seasons, no less) wrapped in Ralph Lauren linens for sleep so divine, you’ll think you’re dreaming.

The eat-in kitchen, complete with a marble island, beckons with the promise of intimate, home-cooked dinners, while the stylish ensuite bathroom offers a refreshing escape.

Bywater Beauty - Historic Renovation
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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A Lovers’ Haven – Lake Tahoe

Location: Incline Village, Nevada

A Lovers' Haven - Lake Tahoe

Last but not the least is Lake Tahoe in California. Winter or summer, Tahoe doesn’t discriminate. Snow bunnies can hit the slopes, shredding by day and snuggling by fireside IG stories by night. Come warmer days, the lake is your oyster. Kayak duos, unite in the quest for that perfect, secluded cove—just don’t forget to snap that paddleboard selfie for the ‘gram.

And let’s taco ’bout the food scene. It’s a mixtape of flavors—local brews and farm-to-table bites meet your culinary cravings head-on. But hey, it’s not all about the ‘gram. It’s those unplugged moments that truly count. Like, finding that hidden waterfall on a hike or gazing at the star-lit sky from a hot tub, realizing the WiFi signal you’ve been searching for is actually the connection you share.

Looking for somewhere to stay?

Looking to unwind and recharge your love bank with your significant other? Look no further than this gem in Lake Tahoe, California. This cabin redefines getting away from it all with its blend of rustic charm and luxe touches.

Perfect for the duo or quintet looking to merge outdoor escapades with snug luxury, here’s where creek-side spa sessions under twinkling skies and cozy nights by a crackling wood stove become your reality. It is set against Tahoe’s breathtaking backdrop,and it promises an intimate, close-up experience with nature (no distractions!), spiced up with modern comforts.

It’s an invitation to indulge in the quiet, the majestic, and the utterly romantic.

This cabin is the perfect Tahoe retreat in the woods!
Photo Credit: Airbnb

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