LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts: The Ultimate Network for Success

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts: The Ultimate Network for Success

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts: The Ultimate Network for Success – Short-term rental property owners are the new rockstars of the real estate realm in a world where a side hustle can transform into a full-fledged empire. If you’re part of this dynamic crowd, you know the secret sauce to staying on top of your game is continuous learning and networking. And what’s the modern-day treasure trove for swapping trade secrets and success stories? LinkedIn groups, of course!

Before you roll your eyes and think, “Not another social media spiel,” hear me out. LinkedIn isn’t just for corporate ladder climbers or for spamming your resume. It’s evolved into a gold mine of communities where like-minded pros—from newbies testing the waters to seasoned veterans—exchange ideas and share the scoop on what’s working in the Airbnb and short-term rental property biz.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

1. Vacation Rental Professionals – The Vacation Rentals Group

Member Count: 18,477

Eric Mason launched the “Vacation Rental Professionals” social group several years ago.
Owner: Eric Mason

The ‘Vacation Rental Professionals’ group on LinkedIn is where the chic meets the savvy in the property and Airbnb hosting scene. It’s the digital lounge for the forward-thinkers, the décor-devotees, and the hospitality heroes. Here, members are clued into the latest industry whispers, from zoning ordinances to guest experience hacks, all without the interruption of ads.

This group fosters open discussions on opportunities and challenges in short-term/vacation rentals for both consumers and industry providers.

This LinkedIn group is a wellspring of know-how for hosts aiming to sprinkle a little extra on their guests’ stay. Whether it’s swapping stories of triumph or troubleshooting the occasional oops, the collective wisdom here is as diverse as the places on offer. It’s where hosting meets hustling, and where every member is keyed into the global pulse of vacation rentals. This group is your go-to guide for those ready to curate stays that guests gush over.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

2. Airbnb Hosts – Global

Member Count: 4,763

Driven entrepreneur, adept in growth and marketing, empowers businesses to excel and make positive global contributions.
Owner: Nir Shemesh

In the ‘Airbnb Hosts – Global’ LinkedIn group, property pioneers and short-term rental professionals converge to swap stories, strategies, and the occasional triumph. This is where the rubber meets the road in the hospitality hustle, with posts buzzing about the latest gadgetry to charm guests or the regulatory changes that have everyone talking.

Join our global host community to exchange advice, tips, promote product features, and potentially access exclusive discounts for both you and your guests.

Members are quick to share a killer discount tip or a thread on maximizing guest comfort, making it a treasure trove for hosts looking to sprinkle a little extra on their guests’ experience. It’s a LinkedIn haven where the vibe is about sharpening your hosting edge and where actionable advice flows as freely as morning coffee. Whether it’s a chat about thread counts or the best local wine to stock, this group is all about helping each other nail the five-star formula.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

3. Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA)

Member Count: 7,990

Kevin Hurley, Director of Marketing at VRMA, is in charge of this group.
Owner: Kevin Hurley

The Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) group on LinkedIn is where holiday rental pros come to get the real deal on upping their property game. It’s a hub for those who manage vacation spots to catch the latest industry news, share tips that actually work, and find the best suppliers to make their guests’ stay a hit.

VRMA is a global trade association for professionals in this industry.

Here, on LinkedIn, the VRMA group buzzes with posts that give the lowdown on new regulations, smart property tech, and the top suppliers to keep your rental running like clockwork. It’s a space where sharing a calendar hack is as welcome as advice on the best eco-friendly amenities. Whether you’re all about the guest experience or the bottom line, this group has the intel you need to keep your rentals booked and your reviews glowing. It’s about community, connection, and staying a step ahead in the holiday home hustle.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

4. Vacation Rental Industry

Member Count: 3,209

Father of 2 amazing girls, CEO JUICER, Advisory Board Member of Contentsquare, Angel Investor.
Owner: Ashwin Kamlani

The LinkedIn group ‘Vacation Rental Industry’ is the go-to forum for those who are all about renting out their spaces and making guests feel right at home. It’s a community for villa owners and rental operators to exchange tried-and-true practices, share personal tales from the trenches, and collectively navigate the expanding vacation rental market.

Navigating the booming vacation rental market: Identifying trustworthy partners, avoiding pitfalls, and learning from the hotel industry's past challenges with Online Travel Agencies.

Members here dive into discussions about the latest market movements, share personal wins, and help each other dodge the digital potholes that once caught hotels off-guard. Posts are rich with actionable advice, from optimizing your online presence to creating guest experiences that get talked about. And it’s all about the value—sales pitches are a no-go. Instead, this LinkedIn group is your resource for insights that move the needle on your rental business.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

5. Vacation Rentals Worldwide

Member Count: 5,273

Experienced leader with 20+ years shaping global sales and service operations, offering strategic and operational expertise.
Owner: Ashwin Kedia

Next on our list is ‘Vacation Rentals Worldwide,’ where you’ll find the heads of holiday homes and champions of short-term stays swapping stories. This group is a goldmine for anyone in the vacation rental business, a place to vent about the headaches and high-five over the wins. From managing guest chaos to celebrating those ‘booked out’ notifications, the conversations here are all about the real rental hustle.

This group connects professionals in the vacation rentals industry to explore challenges, benefits, and growth opportunities in the field.

Members post about the nuts and bolts—like how to deal with no-shows or the best way to get five-star feedback. But it’s not just troubleshooting; it’s also about growth, thinking bigger, and turning that vacation spot into someone’s dream destination. It’s a LinkedIn community that gets down to the nitty-gritty of what it means to run a holiday home in today’s world, where sharing a savvy tip or two can make all the difference in your success.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

6. Travel & Tourism Industry Professionals Worldwide

Member Count: 382,604

Harish Jain, Founder of Green Rootz.
Owner: Harish Jain

The LinkedIn group ‘Travel & Tourism Industry Professionals Worldwide’ is the top-tier hangout for over 275,000 experts from across the planet. It’s the space where industry insiders swap stories, network, and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-spinning world of travel and tourism.

Premier global hub: 275K+ Travel & Tourism Pros unite on LinkedIn for networking, knowledge-sharing, business talks, career advice, and job opportunities.

Members hit up this group to share what’s new, seek advice, and pinpoint career moves. It’s a dynamic marketplace of ideas and job opportunities, buzzing with posts about sustainable travel practices, destination highlights, and the latest tech transforming guest experiences. Whether it’s hoteliers, tour operators, or travel influencers, the posts here are a mix of professional insights and personal experiences, creating a map that leads to career growth and business development. For anyone in the biz, this LinkedIn group is your virtual passport to staying connected and charting the course of your professional journey.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

7. Vacation Rentals

Member Count: 3,522

Miki Mo, CEO at BestTravelWebsites.com
Owner: Miki Mo

On LinkedIn, the ‘Vacation Rentals’ group is where the latest industry scoop is always on tap. It’s the virtual roundtable for savvy rental owners and managers to connect, share wisdom, and dissect the trends shaping the world of short-term stays.

A community for vacation rental owners and managers to connect, discuss industry insights, and offer consumers a behind-the-scenes look at the vacation rentals sector.

Here, the posts are as fresh as morning brew, discussing everything from how to boost your listing’s charm to decoding guest feedback. It’s a place where throwing in your two cents is welcomed and a platform where your hottest takes on vacation rental topics can echo globally.

This group serves as an insider’s perspective for those looking to lift the curtain on the vacation rental scene. It’s where industry veterans and newbies converge on LinkedIn to hash out ideas and strategies and sometimes just to get a pulse on what’s new and next in the vacation getaway game.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

8. Vacation Rentals Professional Association

Member Count: 2,619

Seasoned leader in Economic Policy and Business Strategy, boasting 26 years of expertise in web3 ecosystem; open to meaningful professional connections and collaboration.
Owner: Christophe Angeleau

The Vacation Rentals Professional Association group is where the holiday home heroes come to up their game. This is the community for sharing the real scoop on property management and booking strategies that work. It’s a dynamic space where the latest buzzwords aren’t just thrown around—they’re unpacked and put into action.

LinkedIn group for vacation rental professionals focused on collaborative business development in accommodation management.

From posts about juggling peak season madness to discussions on the slickest digital tools for seamless guest interactions, the group is an all-you-need toolkit for the modern host. It’s about sharing wins, rallying on the rough days, and always looking for that edge to drive your business forward.

This LinkedIn group is where you’ll find the playbook for making every guest stay a five-star experience and every property a hot ticket item. Whether it’s your first season or a seasoned pro, here’s where you can learn and lead in the vacation rental revolution.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

9. Property Management Professionals

Member Count: 84,569

Pioneering LinkedIn group owner since '03, industry maven since '88, 12K+ connections, 150K+ group members, and global influence among 50M+ leaders worldwide.
Owner: Ernest Oriente

Regarding Linkedin groups, the Property Management Professionals group stands out, ranking an impressive #176 among millions. This space buzzes with over 130,000 leaders from diverse realms like apartment rentals, commercial management, and the broader real estate sector.

Explore the 20th largest LinkedIn group in property management, linking 130,000 leaders, globally ranked #176 among 2,176,785 groups.

Here, the vibe is all about connecting and growing. The group’s feed features insights into market trends, innovative management strategies, and a peek into the future of real estate. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, a fresh face in the industry, or someone in the thick of associations like NAA, NARPM, BOMA, IREM, or NAR, this group is your go-to.

Posts blend mentorship opportunities, savvy tips, and deep dives into industry challenges. It’s where collaboration meets innovation, empowering members to keep up with and lead the property management scene.

LinkedIn Groups for Airbnb Hosts

10. Property Management Insider

Member Count: 50,528

Strategic Digital Marketing Manager optimizing brand presence with social media, internal communications, and employee advocacy on LinkedIn Group.
Owner: Amir Ellis

Last, but not least, ‘Property Management Insider’ is the modern-day meeting ground for those at the forefront of the apartment industry. It’s where the pulse of property management is felt and actively shaped. This group is a dynamic blend of news, marketing wisdom, and operational strategies designed to propel property managers to the top of their game.

Property Management Insider - Elevate your multifamily expertise with trends, news, and strategies for effective property management.

In this group, posts are all about empowerment through knowledge. From deep dives into market trends to the latest tenant engagement tactics, the content is as rich as it is relevant. It’s where industry leaders share proven best practices, and newcomers can pick up tricks of the trade that make a real difference.

Joining the conversation on ‘Property Management Insider’ means staying ahead of the curve in a constantly evolving sector. It’s about being part of a community that values every voice, from the seasoned vet to the eager new player.

What are the best practices for Linkedin groups?

  1. Choose Relevant Groups:
    • Join groups that align with your professional interests, industry, or expertise.
    • Select groups where you can contribute valuable insights and gain knowledge from others.
  2. Be Active and Engage:
    • Regularly participate in group discussions by commenting on posts, sharing your expertise, and asking thoughtful questions.
    • Engage with other group members’ content to foster connections and relationships.
  3. Share Quality Content:
    • Share relevant articles, blog posts, or updates that can benefit group members.
    • Avoid overposting and focus on content that adds value to the community.
  4. Introduce Yourself:
    • When joining a new group, introduce yourself in the welcome section to let members know who you are and what you bring to the table.
  5. Follow Group Guidelines:
    • Familiarize yourself with the group’s rules and guidelines. Some groups have specific posting schedules, content restrictions, or promotional limitations.
  6. Provide Value, Not Spam:
    • Avoid overly self-promotional content. Instead, focus on sharing insights, experiences, and resources that can benefit the group.
  7. Network Strategically:
    • Connect with group members who share similar professional interests or goals.
    • Personalize connection requests by mentioning your common group membership.
  8. Be Respectful and Professional:
    • Maintain a professional and respectful tone in your interactions.
    • Resolve conflicts privately if they arise and report inappropriate behavior to group moderators.
  9. Monitor Notifications:
    • Adjust your notification settings to manage the frequency of updates from the group.
    • Stay informed about relevant discussions without being overwhelmed.
  10. Contribute Thoughtfully:
    • Before posting, consider whether your content aligns with the group’s purpose and whether it adds value to the members.
  11. Evaluate and Optimize:
    • Regularly assess the groups you’ve joined. If a group no longer aligns with your interests or goals, consider leaving and exploring new ones.

By following these best practices, you can make the most of LinkedIn groups to expand your professional network, stay informed about industry trends, and showcase your expertise.

Did we miss any groups?

If you are in any LinkedIn groups we’ve missed, please comment or email us; we’ll be happy to add them.

Looking for more learning support?

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