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Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts – The Ultimate List

The Ultimate List Of FaceBook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

The Ultimate List Of Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

Ready to crack the code on Airbnb hosting? You’re just a click away from the ultimate treasure trove of insider info—Facebook groups tailored for Airbnb hosts. These digital communities are your go-to spot for everything from hot industry trends to game-changing hacks.

Get the lowdown on the freshest trends, time-saving hacks, and deep dives into the Airbnb universe. From the enthusiastic newcomer setting up their first cozy space to the seasoned veteran who’s seen it all, there’s a rhythm to these groups that’s hard to resist. Daily threads are rife with discourse on the newest algorithm shifts, transforming mundane spaces into sought-after experiences and integrating tech to make smart homes even smarter. It’s a ceaseless chatter hub: daily posts span the practical, like effective cleaning routines, to the imaginative, like Insta-worthy interior design tips.

This listicle is your gateway to the most engaging, savvy, and downright indispensable Facebook groups for Airbnb hosts and managers out there. Want to get those five-star reviews or maximize your occupancy rate? These high-energy groups have their fingers on the pulse of what’s working right now.

Discover the Facebook groups that will turbocharge your Airbnb hosting journey. Click on a link or scroll down for more details…

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

1. Hospitality Community

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - The Facebook group for the Hospitality Community

6,000 Members

Created by Mark Simpson (Founder of Boostly.co.uk), this group is a place for support and to chat about all things hospitality, Short Stay Accommodation and more.

It’s a very active group and, among other things, well known for its Tuesday Rant posts, where owners and managers can let off steam about guests and booking platforms.

All in all, it is a great host-to-host help forum. Highly recommended

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

2. Say No to VRBO Service Fees

Facebook group for Airbnb owners and rental managers advocating independence from VRBO service fees and sharing tips and stories.

7,700 Members

“Say No to VRBO Service Fee” on Facebook is where Airbnb owners and rental managers come to hustle smarter, not harder.

This space is hopping with daily chatter—members share their wins on sidestepping those pesky fees, swap stories about guests, and give the lowdown on local regulations. And if you’re feeling boxed in by listing sites like VRBO, this group is a goldmine.

They’re all about breaking free and finding ways to gain more independence in the vacation rental world.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

3. Direct Booking Secrets For Vacation Rental Owners Group

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Direct Booking Secrets For Vacation Rental Owners FB Group

1,100 Members

Started in 2016, this group is run by short-term rental expert Alan Egan. He’s been a host and property manager, and thought leader in the industry for over 20 years, and this is one of the oldest private groups on Facebook.

This group focuses on direct booking tips and tricks, important industry news, and direct booking website tips, with a bit of light-hearted fun.

Alan writes industry articles for HiChee, and this is the first group where they are shared on social media, so join up to stay ahead of the curve.

Highly recommended.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

4. Short Term Rental Industry News and Events!

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Short Term Rental Industry News and Events! All on Facebook

2,700 Members

A super useful group for keeping up with industry news, legislation, and insight. Donna Martinez posts daily, so you can use this feed as an industry magazine for hosts and managers alike.

This group is unique, and it’s a must-join in my book.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

5. Unofficial OwnerRez Support Group

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Unofficial OwnerRez Support Group

3,800 Members

As the name suggests, this active group is for hosts and managers who are using OwnerRez as their rental management software. It’s a very friendly group where members can ask for advice or share problems and receive crowd-sourced solutions from other members.

If you are considering signing up for a property management system, this group may help your decision-making process.

Highly recommended.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

6. New to Short Term Rentals, Airbnb and Hosting

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Join the 'New to Short Term Rentals, Airbnb, and Hosting' Facebook group for a supportive community sharing host insights and advice.

12,300 Members

Jump into the “New to Short Term Rentals, Airbnb, and Hosting” Facebook group and you’ll instantly feel the community spirit.

Whether you’re just getting your feet wet in the rental game or you’ve been around the block, this group’s got something for you. From crowd-sourced advice on tackling common host issues to real-talk discussions on Airbnb policies, this space is always buzzing.

The end goal? To work together as a community and help each other crush it in the short-term rental world. Don’t sleep on this—joining this group is like getting a backstage pass to invaluable host insights.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

7. “The Huddle” – social media tips for Airbnb owners

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - "The Huddle" - social media tips for Airbnb owners FB group

2,700 Members

“The Huddle” on Facebook is an eclectic mix of Airbnb owners and small business entrepreneurs, all focused on social media mastery and travel. Members from over 90 countries contribute, so the activity level is through the roof.

Expect posts on social media marketing strategies that’ll give your business the edge, along with solid advice on peer-to-peer travel. If you’re traveling and need a place to crash, this group has a sprawling network that’s got your back.

And don’t be surprised if a random birthday wish pops up—it’s part of the community’s charm. So whether you’re a host, a traveler, or just someone looking to get a handle on social media marketing, you’ll vibe with your tribe here.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

8. Holiday Rental Owners Network

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Holiday Rental Owners Network Facebook page

1,100 Members

This Facebook group is a hotspot for independent holiday property owners focused on one thing: getting more bookings. This space covers everything from the ups and downs of using listing sites to the empowering book-direct mindset.

Whether you’re running a villa, guest house, or a cozy B&B, the group is brimming with supportive peers who share your goals. Pop in to ask questions, offer your two cents, or simply soak in the wisdom to streamline your rental hustle. So, if you’re all about boosting those bookings, hit that join button.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

9. Short Term Rental Artists’

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Short Term Rental Artists' Facebook group

900 Members

A relatively new group run by Stephen Eagles. We like this group, as Stephen tells it like it is, and he has refreshing ideas.

It’s a coaching group for hosts who strive to reach true personal and financial freedom, using short-term rentals as the vehicle.

The objective here is to inspire hosts to achieve excellence and efficiency in their business so they can buy back the freedom to pursue their true passions.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

10. Airbnb – VRBO – Booking.com | Professional Hosts

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - The Business of Short-Term Rental & Property Management Facebook group

331,200 Members

The Professional Hosts Facebook group is a real-deal spot for Airbnb owners. It’s buzzing, with folks constantly dropping tips, stories, and the occasional “what-was-I-thinking” goof-up. Want to know how to jazz up your listing?

Or maybe you’ve had a guest story you just have to share? This is your place. It’s pretty active, too, so there’s always fresh content to scroll through during your coffee break. Newbies, seasoned hosts, everyone’s here, helping each other out. There is no fluff, just genuine, been-there-done-that advice and camaraderie. If you’re in the Airbnb game, you’ll want to be in this group.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

11. Vacation Rental World Summit

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Vacation Rental World Summit's very own Facebook group

1,100 Members

Antonio Bortilotti’s Facebook group is the companion to the best vacation rental event on the calendar.

You’ll find industry news from business heavyweights and updates for the upcoming VRWS conferences (in Barcelona this year – 3rd-4th or November 2023)

Tickets are available here https://vacationrentalworldsummit.com/

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

12. Short Term Rental University

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Short Term Rental University is one of the most popular Facebook groups for short-term rental hosts

50,800 Members

The STR University Facebook group is where Airbnb hosts, both new and experienced, come to get the real deal on making more money with their listings. People post daily about all kinds of stuff: how to set up an eye-catching listing, what not to do to avoid bad reviews, and even how to game the algorithm for more visibility.

Whether you’ve just got your first keybox set up or you’re managing multiple properties, you’ll find useful tips that you can actually use.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

13. AirBnB SuperHost Tips and Tricks

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - The ultimate resource for future and current Airbnb and Vrbo hosts. Maximize your listing and income potential.

63,300 Members

The Airbnb Superhost Tips and Tricks Facebook group is pretty much the friend you wish you had when you started hosting. The feed is buzzing with folks sharing their hosting highs and lows, and you can find anything from quick hacks for getting five-star reviews to how to handle that oddball request from a guest. People are on it, posting and replying all day, so there’s no waiting around for answers. If you’re serious about nailing the hosting game, you don’t want to miss out on this group.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

14. Airbnb Host Tips & Tricks

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Led by Airbnb Superhosts and the short-term rental specialists at Synchronest, this group focuses on strategies used by top performers to achieve success.

118,500 Members

Run by top-notch Airbnb Superhosts and the sharp minds at Synchronest.com, this Facebook group is less like a lecture and more like a jam session for anyone serious about short-term rentals. If you’ve got questions, odds are someone’s got answers. Maybe you’re eyeing a decor revamp or sweating a last-minute cancellation?

Here, you’ll find an active community chipping in with advice or strategies you might not have thought of. It’s not just a one-way street either; your own hosting experiences are gold for someone else.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

15. Airbnb Professional Cleaners

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Online community for Airbnb cleaning professionals and hosts, offering services, advice, and cleaning hacks for short-term rentals.

97,700 Members

Whether you’re a pro cleaner specializing in Airbnb turnovers or a host on the hunt for top-notch cleaning services, this Facebook group is where you’ll want to be. Forget scrolling endlessly online; this community is a one-stop shop for all your cleaning and maintenance needs.

People post daily about their services, seek out skilled cleaners, and trade advice on the best cleaning hacks for short-term rentals. If you want your Airbnb to sparkle and shine or help others achieve that polished and Pinterest-worthy look, this group’s got your back.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

16. Airbnb Professional Hosts: Short Term Rentals, Mid Term Rentals, and Hotels

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Join this active Facebook group for property rentals, including Airbnb, VRBO, and vacation rentals.

52,400 Members

If you’re renting out your property, or even just thinking about it, this Facebook group is where you wanna be. It’s not just for Airbnb; we’re talking VRBO, vacation rentals, the whole nine yards. The members are super active, sharing what works for them, what doesn’t, and how to get ahead.

And it’s not just chit-chat; you get real strategies you can use and how you can dodge curveballs. If you’ve got friends who are curious or want to dive in, invite them too. Plus, they keep rolling out free tips and how-tos.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

17. AirBNB / VRBO / HomeAway / Short Term Rental Discussion

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - The Facebook group provides valuable insights, advice, and discussions on topics related to the short-term rental business, such as Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO.

122,900 Members

Are you in the business of short-term rentals—think Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO—then, this Facebook group is your goldmine. The activity here is constant. People don’t just share success stories; they also get real about the hiccups they’ve faced, policy changes, and management headaches.

So whether you’re troubleshooting a problem or just want to know how to improve your rental game, the insights here are invaluable. It’s a straight-up community of hosts and property managers that offers no-nonsense advice and discussions. Get in, ask, share, learn—that’s the motto here.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

18. The Hosts of Airbnb Automated

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - Facebook group providing essential guidance and resources for Airbnb and short-term rental hosts, including interviews, Q&As, training videos, and community support.

55,900 Members

For everyone navigating the Airbnb or short-term rental scene, this Facebook group is your treasure trove. Hosted by Sean Rakidzich and his top-tier team, you’ll be diving into a pool of hands-on insights and experiences. Learn the ropes from landing your first booking to riding out those tricky quiet spells.

More than the invaluable pieces of advice, the group offers deep-diving interviews, engaging Q&As, and training videos at zero cost. There are also valuable exclusive courses and even one-on-one coaching sessions! Think of it as your one-stop hub to elevate your hosting journey, surrounded by a community that’s got your back.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

19. AirBnB / HomeAway / Vacation Rental MasterMind Group

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts - A Facebook group for Airbnb hosts focused on financial success and entrepreneurship.

28,000 Members

Are you looking to crunch numbers and turn your Airbnb side hustle into a full-time gig? This Facebook group is your jam. The folks here aren’t just hosts; they’re go-getters working toward serious financial goals. The vibe is entrepreneurial, so posts go beyond the usual “how to get five-star reviews.”

Think investment strategies, diversifying income streams, and tips to level-up your financial game. Questions fly, answers roll in, and the community is buzzing 24/7. So if you’re in the market to talk dollars and cents while scaling your Airbnb venture, this is the group for you.

Facebook Groups for Airbnb Hosts

20. Vacation From Airbnb, Book Direct and Save 20%

Facebook group for Airbnb hosts offering tips and tricks to maximize earnings through Direct Booking and avoid platform fees.

13,700 Members

Last but not the least on this list is a treat for hosts and guests alike. This Facebook group is the real deal for Airbnb hosts who want to maximize their earnings through Direct Booking. It’s a beehive of activity with hosts and guests constantly sharing insider tips on dodging those annoying fees from big platforms.

Whether you’re hunting for cost-saving hacks or want to dish out your own golden nuggets of wisdom, you’ll find it here. The posts range from how-to guides to real-time advice on price adjustments.

What social media is best for Airbnb?

The choice of social media platforms for Airbnb hosts depends on your specific goals and target audience. Here are some social media platforms that can be beneficial for Airbnb hosts:

  1. Instagram:
    • Ideal for visual storytelling.
    • Showcase your Airbnb property through high-quality photos and engaging captions.
    • Use Instagram Stories to provide real-time updates and behind-the-scenes glimpses.
  2. Facebook:
    • Join Facebook groups so you can interact with other hosts
    • Utilize a dedicated Facebook Page for your Airbnb property.
    • Share property details, updates, and local recommendations.
    • Engage with followers through comments and messages.
  3. Twitter:
    • Share quick updates, announcements, and local events.
    • Use relevant hashtags to increase visibility.
    • Respond promptly to inquiries and engage with the Twitter community.
  4. Pinterest:
    • Ideal for sharing visual inspiration and local attractions.
    • Create boards showcasing different aspects of your Airbnb, such as decor, amenities, and nearby attractions.
  5. LinkedIn:
    • Connect with other hosts, professionals in the hospitality industry, and potential business partners.
    • Share industry insights, tips for hosts, and collaborate within LinkedIn groups.
  6. YouTube:
    • Create virtual tours or videos showcasing your Airbnb property.
    • Share travel tips, local experiences, and highlight unique features of your property.
  7. TikTok:
    • Ideal for short, engaging videos to showcase your Airbnb in a fun and creative way.
    • Use trends and challenges to increase visibility.
  8. Google My Business:
    • Optimize your listing on Google My Business for local search visibility.
    • Encourage guests to leave reviews, and respond to reviews promptly.
  9. WhatsApp or Messenger:
    • Use messaging apps for direct communication with guests.
    • Provide quick responses to inquiries and assist with pre-arrival and post-stay questions.

Remember, the most effective platform will depend on your target audience and the type of content you want to share. It’s often beneficial to use a combination of platforms to reach a broader audience and engage with guests and potential guests in different ways. Additionally, always maintain a professional and consistent brand presence across all chosen platforms.

Which Facebook groups have we missed?

Do you have a favorite Facebook group that isn’t on this list? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it so other hosts can benefit.

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