The 10 Best Things To Do In Miami – A Video Guide

Things to do in Miami

Miami, The Magic City, hits different for the modern wanderlusters looking for that blend of sun, surf, and street art. It’s where the Atlantic’s embrace meets an eclectic urban pulse, crafting a scene so vibrant, your social feed can barely keep up.

The city’s DNA is a cauldron of cultures, flavors, and sounds. Here, the mornings might kick off with a caffeine fix ( because what’s a good morning without a macchiato, am I right?) from a Little Havana coffee spot that’s as hip as your favorite vintage tee. Then, it’s off to Wynwood, where the walls are a canvas for artists who color outside the lines and make a masterpiece out of the most mundane of things.

Nighttime in Miami isn’t about winding down; it’s about cranking the heat up. Those clubs you’ve heard whispers about? They’re real, and they’re spectacular, offering up nights that blur into mornings and epic beats from DJs whose mixes are so lit they’d make you get up and dance even without the alcohol. *wink*

But when it comes to Miami, “wild” is more than just an urban party—though yes, those parties slap—because a hop, skip. A jump away, the Everglades await with open jaws (literally), showing the untamed side of Florida. At the same time, Biscayne Bay offers paddleboarding with a view that’ll have you pumped with an adrenaline high.

For the modern globetrotters looking for a holiday that ticks all the boxes and more, Miami delivers moments that beg the question, “Is this even real?” Spoiler alert: In Miami, it always is. So, for those ready to live their best life and experience the magic, one epic sunset, street taco, and spontaneous adventure at a time, Miami’s not just calling—it’s texting you, “u up?”

Ready to take on the Miami Heat? Here are the 10 best things to do in Miami:

Ready to take on the Miami Heat? Here are the 10 best things to do in Miami:

1. Things to do in Miami – Explore South Beach

In Miami’s South Beach, where the pulse of The Magic City beats loudest, vibes are everything. This isn’t just a beach; it’s the scene. With its cool Art Deco and Ocean Drive buzz, South Beach is where stories unfold in full HD, no filter needed. History rocks a neon glow here, and every sidewalk café or rooftop bar is a chance to live your best life, one epic sunset at a time.

Days in South Beach are a sun-drenched marathon of beach lounging, street art scouting, and café hopping, with every corner serving a major mood. As the sun dips, the switch flips; this place transforms into the epicenter of night moves, where the only agenda is to follow the beat.

This strip is a magnet for those who chase experiences that are anything but basic. It’s where you go to see and be seen, to dive headfirst into a mix of flavors, sounds, and colors that can only be described as quintessentially Miami.

This video shows you where to get the best cheap eats when visiting South Beach.

2. Things to do in Miami – Visit Wynwood Walls

In the heart of The Magic City, Wynwood Walls is the ultimate flex, where street art gets real, and Miami’s vibe is on full display. This place is no quiet gallery; it’s a loud, proud street art battleground where global legends and local talents throw down epic visuals. Wynwood is where art goes off the wall (literally), turning the neighborhood into a live IG feed of creativity and color.

Here, art isn’t just viewed; it’s felt. Every mural and graffiti piece is a deep dive into the city’s soul, a vibrant dialogue between the observer and the concrete canvas. It’s not just about snapping that perfect pic; it’s about being part of a moment, a movement, where every corner serves major looks and stories.

Wynwood Walls isn’t just a spot; it’s the vibe. It’s where art lovers, selfie seekers, and culture junkies mix and mingle, all chasing that unique Miami buzz.

Here’s a walkthrough showing some of the AMAZING murals at Wynwood Walls.

3. Fun Things to do in Miami – Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami’s Coconut Grove/coconut-grove-miami-7-nights-save-593 is like stepping into a legit time machine but with way better aesthetics. James Deering built this Mediterranean Revival palace as his winter retreat; honestly, the man had taste. Picture this: Italian Renaissance gardens (we’re talking statues, fountains, the works) meets wild Florida vibes, all chilling by the serene Biscayne Bay.

Rolling up to Vizcaya, you’re hit with that “whoa” moment—like, is this even Miami? The place is dripping in Great Gatsby-ish European luxury, with rooms decked out in antiques that are straight-up boujee. But it’s not just about the glam interiors; the gardens are where it’s at. They’re this perfect mix of manicured and wild, making every selfie feel like a Renaissance painting come to life.

For culture seekers and history buffs, Vizcaya serves up a slice of the 20th-century elite life with a side of art history. And for those just here to soak up the aesthetics, it’s a total win-win.

Here’s a video about the mansion’s history and grounds and a tour.

4. Things to do in Miami – Take a Biscayne Bay Cruise

Hopping on a Biscayne Bay Cruise, you’re not just ticking off another item from your Miami bucket list; you’re signing up for a firsthand sneak peek into the lavish life that buzzes along the shores of The Magic City.

The yacht becomes your front-row seat to the glitzy spectacle of Miami’s skyline and Star Island’s secluded opulence— the one where celebs like Shaquille O’Neal and Gloria Estefan kick back in their waterfront palaces. And let’s not gloss over the chance of cruising by Al Capone’s old haunt; it’s the closest brush with Miami’s vice you’ll get—legally, that is.

The cruise doesn’t skimp on perks. With a free drink, guests lean into the laid-back luxe of Miami, snapping Insta-worthy shots of the panoramic vistas from either the breezy upper deck or the comfort of the air-conditioned lower level. The narrative thread of the tour weaves in juicy tidbits about Miami’s storied past and present (as well as some Gossip Girl action), all while sailing past iconic landmarks and hidden gems.

Get a taste of the sights and the lights of a tour around the bay in this video

5. Things to do in Miami – Stroll through Little Havana

Cruising through Little Havana is like hitting the refresh button on your usual city jaunt—this slice of Miami throws a full-on Cuban street party for your senses. Kick off with a cafecito shot that packs a punch because here, coffee is more than a morning ritual; it’s a lifestyle. Those little cups of liquid energy at Ventanitas are your gateway to the day​​.

As you mosey down Calle Ocho, let the pink stars underfoot guide you on a celeb-spotting spree—Miami style. Catching names like Pitbull (he even had a song about Calle Ocho) on the Walk of Fame isn’t just cool; it’s a rite of passage​​. Got a thing for Instagrammable spots? The rooster statues are non-negotiable. Everyone dresses to impress, making them perfect for that ‘Wish you were here’ post​​.

Feeling adventurous? Dive into a Cuban cigar shop where the vibe is as rich as the aroma. Whether rolling one yourself or just there for the spectacle, it’s an authentic slice of the culture​​. Domino Park isn’t just a park; it’s where legends are made, one tile at a time. Watch the masters at play, or just soak up the atmosphere that’s as vibrant as the city itself​​.

Wrap it up with a scoop (or two) from Azucar Ice Cream. Their flavors are a love letter to Cuban cuisine—think guava, dulce de leche, and more. It’s the chill-out spot after your Calle Ocho adventure​.

Get a taste of exploring Little Havana in this walking tour video

6. Fun Things to do in Miami – Explore the Everglades National Park

Just a hop from the buzz of Miami, the Everglades National Park is where the wild things are, making it a stellar escape for those craving a dose of nature. Dubbed “America’s Everglades,” this UNESCO World Heritage site is the country’s largest subtropical wilderness, a haven for rare critters like manatees, the American crocodile, and the elusive Florida panther​​.

For the thrill-seekers and nature nerds, Shark Valley is your go-to. It’s a 7.5-mile trail leading you to an observation deck with 360 views of this wild paradise. Whether you pedal, walk, or hitch a ride on the tram, you’re in for a treat with swamp puppies… I mean alligators, turtles, and birds keeping you company​​.

But let’s talk airboats because, let’s be real, they’re basically Everglades’ convertibles. These fan-powered bad boys zip you through the wetlands, offering up-close encounters with the park’s famous gators and breathtaking landscapes.

This video gives you a laid-back view of the sights (and wildlife) that you can expect to see in the Everglades

7. Fun Things to do in Miami – Enjoy the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM)

Perched on Biscayne Boulevard, PAMM throws down killer views of the bay and a vibe that’s as fresh as your morning espresso shot. Public transit gets you there in style—think Metromover or the free Biscayne Trolley because, honestly, who’s got time for parking drama when there’s art to swoon over?​​.

PAMM keeps it flexible with hours that work whether you’re about that early bird life or more of a night owl, and the price of admission? Totally worth it for the gram alone. Free days? Yes, please. Second Saturdays at PAMM are the city’s open secret for culture without the cost. And those daily tours? They’re your backstage pass to dive deep without diving into your wallet​​.

Architecturally speaking, PAMM is a stunner inspired by the iconic stilts of Biscayne Bay and wrapped in the lush, green genius of vertical gardens. It’s a place where the park meets the gallery, blurring the lines between nature and the man-made, making every corner a discovery.

8. Things to do in Miami – Relax at Key Biscayne

Key Biscayne is where you hit pause on Miami’s fast-forward. Just a quick cruise over the Rickenbacker Causeway, and bam—you’re in a vibe that’s more island chill than city buzz. This place isn’t just a beach retreat; it’s a slice of chill paradise where the Atlantic kisses the shore, and the vibes are as sunny as the skies​​​​​​​​.

Here, it’s all about the sun, sea, and sand. Key Biscayne beaches are where you can perfect your tan, dive into crystal-clear waters, or just kick back with a book. Crandon Park to the north and Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park to the south frame this island gem, offering everything from picnic spots to nature trails​​​​. For the adventurers, there’s more than just beach lounging.

Dive near the coastal barrier reef, paddleboard the tranquil waters, or explore the historic Cape Florida Lighthouse for legit panoramic views​​​​. And when the hunger kicks in, Key Biscayne doesn’t disappoint. From chic seaside dining at The Ritz-Carlton to the laid-back vibes at local bistro spots, your taste buds are in for a treat.

9. Things to do in Miami – Visit the Miami Design District

Next on our list is a legit playground for the art-obsessed, fashion-forward squad and anyone vibing with cutting-edge architecture. Here, luxe boutiques and avant-garde galleries are the norm, and the streets are a canvas showcasing Miami’s vibrant heart and creative spirit.

Ditch the “been there, done that” tourist spots. The Design District is where you level up your cultural game. It’s all about experiencing art that makes you pause and think, “This needs to be on everyone’s radar.” And when it comes to shopping, it’s like walking through the pages of a high-end fashion mag, but you’re living it IRL. Window shopping here is more like window dreaming, tbh.

But it’s not just about what you see; it’s the vibes you feel. This district is pulsing with cultural beats, from art installations that are nothing short of iconic to culinary spots where the flavors are as bold as the design. It’s where you come to feed your soul (and your feed) with the very essence of Miami’s artsy side

10. Fun Things to do in Miami – Experience the Miami nightlife

Miami’s nightlife? Absolute fire. This city turns up like no other, serving everything from glitzy clubs where the beats drop until sunrise to chill rooftop bars where the views are as intoxicating as the drinks. Here, it’s all about that blend of luxe and laid-back, where you can bounce from an electric dance floor in South Beach to a low-key lounge in Wynwood without missing a beat.

The vibe? It’s eclectic. One night you could be partying in a warehouse-turned-club in the Arts District, the next, catching a live band by the beach under the stars. Miami’s got the range – think velvet ropes and VIP sections if you’re feeling bougie or cool, underground spots if you’re after something more indie.


These activities showcase the diverse appeal of Miami, from its natural beauty and cultural richness to its modern attractions and lively entertainment options.

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