Adult-themed Airbnbs – 10 Steamy Escapes For Grown-Ups – Would You Dare?

Steamy Escapes: 10 Sultry Adult-Themed Airbnbs for a Wildly Romantic Getaway!

Adult-Themed Airbnbs – Craving an escape that’s less about the thread count and more about the thrill count? Buckle up because we’re diving into adult-themed rental properties, where every stay promises something more… titillating. These are not your cookie-cutter vacation spots; they’re seductive sanctuaries for the daring, dripping with luxury and a certain je ne sais quoi.

First, imagine a place where every detail whispers temptation, from the sultry lighting to the plush, inviting beds. Think “Fifty Shades” chic—subtle nods to your naughtier side with all the trappings of high-end luxury. You might find yourself sipping a cocktail in a hot tub overlooking the city, daring to dream up your own steamy storyline.

Each property is like a love letter to those who prefer their stays with a side of spice. We’re talking velvet handcuffs resting on silk sheets, pole dance-ready living rooms, and mirrors strategically placed for, well, you can guess. These details are not just about shock value; they’re about stepping into a narrative as adventurous as you are.

As you pack your bags (and maybe a blindfold or two), remember these properties are more than just a place to crash. They’re a backdrop to the stories you’ll whisper about long after check-out. So, ready to trade those yawns for yearns? Let’s turn the page to a chapter of anything but ordinary travel. Welcome to the bold side of bedtime.

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Adult-Themed Airbnbs

Adult-Themed Airbnbs

1. TheHottieHouse

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A creative director crafted the Philly HottieHouse.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

The Philly Hottie House is first on our list of the sauciest and hottest adult-themed properties, where fantasy unfolds and reality takes a back seat. But don’t be fooled by the seemingly innocuous facade–this isn’t your vanilla rental home; it’s a journey into a world where each detail whispers an invitation to the extraordinary.

The adventure begins as soon as the door swings open, revealing an affirmations installation that sets the tone for a stay sprinkled with surprises. Upstairs, themed rooms are up for exploration. In the Lovers Dominatrix Bedroom, a subtle nod to the risqué charm of “Fifty Shades” teases the senses, perfect for those eager to venture beyond the usual. Contrastingly, the Jungle Bedroom Experience wraps you in an embrace of lush, sensory indulgence, while the living room, resembling a museum, showcases the finesse of local artists.

Beyond the decor, every space invites indulgence. The entry patio, a welcoming space, leads to the heart of the house—the kitchen and living room—blurring the lines between communal and private luxuries. Located next to Roosevelt Boulevard, the house sits at the pulse of Philly’s vibrant scene, making city explorations effortless after a hot, sweaty night (or day, we won’t judge wink).

For extra excitement, inquire about unique add-ons: exotic snake rental (because who wants a boring Tarzan roleplay without live props, am I right?), personalized photoshoots, glamourous makeover services, or a soothing massage.

From the owner:

It’s getting hot in here! The Philly hottie house was designed by a creative director to give its guests a fantasy experience. Not only is our space fully equipped with all your living essentials, but the excitement starts as soon as you walk through the door as you enter our affirmations installation. There are 3 more themes to enjoy upstairs with our lover’s room, jungle experience bedroom, and museum-like living room featuring art from local artists.

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Adult-Themed Airbnbs

2. Red Room Cabins LLC

Location: Dunlap, Tennessee

Red room cabins LLC is a adult themed cabin.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Red Room Cabins is the low-key legend of Tennessee mountains, a cheeky nod to all things romance and a wink at Christian Gray’s allure. It’s not just a cabin; it’s a love nest designed for couples looking to jazz up their getaway game. This two-bedroom hideout is about privacy with a capital ‘P’, nestled where the wild things are.

Inside, every nook cradles comfort and whispers, ‘Let’s stay in.’ Outside, two private decks boast killer views and a hot tub begging for steamy stargazing. It’s the spot where you disconnect to reconnect, soaking up nature and each other’s company.

But here’s the kicker: it’s not just about Netflix and chill. This place packs a punch with fun and games to keep the good times rolling. The spot makes you want to unplug and tune in to each other; no filters are needed.

People can’t stop talking about Red Room Cabins for all the right reasons. It’s the go-to for turning up the romance and dialing down the stress. So, grab your partner and head out to this Tennessee treasure. Just a heads-up: snag some travel insurance on your way out. Because when you’re headed for an epic weekend, it’s all about playing it smart. YOLO, right?

From the owner:

Red room cabins LLC is a adult themed cabin. We offer a unique Romantic getaway for couples. This two bedroom cabin is nestled in the mountains of TN. Very private place. Come relax and explore new things with your partner and enjoy the Hot Tub with two private decks outside and lots of fun and games inside! You will see why it is so popular! Travel insurance recommended!

What Guests have to say about this adult-themed rental

This vacation rental for adults has 215 reviews on Airbnb, with an average rating of 4.88 out of 5 stars. This is an Airbnb Guest Favorite property.

Here’s what Joshua had to say about his stay at this property…

Could not have asked for a better experience. It’s everything my wife and I hoped for. Adult games are a definite plus!

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Adult Themed Airbnbs In Florida

3. The Hideout

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The hottest Airbnb that you can only find in Ft Lauderdale.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Nestled in Ft Lauderdale, The Hideout is an adult themed Airbnb where the vibe’s always sultry, and the stays are anything but vanilla. How about soaking in a luxe jacuzzi, the stress of the 9-to-5 melting faster than ice in the Florida sun? And that’s just for starters.

Next up, channel your inner show-off on a pro-grade dance pole. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro, it’s all about feeling yourself. And for those craving a walk on the wild side, the sex swing isn’t just furniture; it’s a ticket to new heights of pleasure.

This spot is 420-friendly, so light up and let loose—strict discretion’s the word here. You do you, whether that means a chill Netflix marathon or turning the heat up a notch. At THE HIDEOUT, your world, your rules.

Booking this place isn’t just planning a getaway; it’s gearing up for an epic tale of romance and adventure. So if you’re ready to dip into something extraordinary, Ft Lauderdale’s steamiest secret is waiting. Why settle for the ordinary when a world of excitement is at your fingertips?

From the owner:

THE HIDEOUT .. The hottest AirBnB awaits you in Ft Lauderdale , where a sensual playground can be found and your deepest fantasies come to life . Indulge in a luxurious jacuzzi, unleash your inner dancer on a professional-grade pole, and embrace thrilling sensations with a carefully crafted sex swing. This 420-friendly home encourages self-expression & provides a space for unforgettable experiences.

What Guests have to say about this Adult Airbnb

This short-term rental for adults has 59 reviews on Airbnb, with an average rating of 4.78 out of 5 stars.

Here’s what Sandrine had to say about her stay…

I booked this sexy SexHideout home for my 45th birthday.. 🥳 The home is perfect.. cozy and comfortable.. The Host Lorena was super helpful and responsive to my inquiries and how to work this questions lol.. I will definitely book this home again in the near future..

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Adult-Themed Airbnbs

4. Full House Hottub & optional “Adult theme room”

Location: Rothesay, New Brunswick

Fully furnished 3 BEDROOM, 2 full bath, two story home.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Rose Lane is all about that upscale comfort with a spicy twist, just a short stroll from a serene private beach in Rothesay. This isn’t just any house; it’s where luxury lounges with a dash of “Moulin Rouge” flair.

This three-bed, two-bath spot is more than just a place to crash. The master suite, hidden behind a bookcase (yeah, you read that right), is your chill zone with a jet tub. Downstairs, the vibe’s all about maxing and relaxing – think spacious kitchen and cozy dining for those feast and chill moments.

Upstairs takes the chill to the next level. Two more bedrooms, a family room with a 60″ TV, and a throwback vintage massage chair mix comfort with a bit of quirk.

But here’s the real tea: the master turns into a secret “Adult theme room.” New-age Victorian meets burlesque vibes, mirrored ceiling, leather bench – low-key risqué. Feeling adventurous? Dive into the hidden tickle trunk packed with playful surprises. Craving more? There’s a light BDSM option, but why not?

From the owner:

Our unique historic century old home (newly renovated ) is tastefully designed to feel very comfortable & cozy to relax and hang out with the family.
Another fun feature is a “vintage massage chair” upstairs .
Rose lane has a huge yard for your pets to run and play in.
3 min walk to beach/tennis court/play ground and ice fishing in the winter.
Rothesay offers lots of safe play grounds for kids, basketball courts/ice skating in winter. Close walking/hiking trails. Grocery stores/little fun shops/massage/hair studios/high end dinning/fast food restaurants.

What Guests have to say about this Airbnb for adults

This Airbnb for Adults has 84 reviews on Airbnb, with an average rating of 4.68 out of 5 stars.

Here’s what Trina had to say about her stay…

This place was exactly as described. Beautifully decorated, very cozy and had everything we needed. We did not end up using the hot tub but it was there and ready to use.

The kitchen was stocked and had many small appliances to provide the conveniences of home. The furniture was very comfortable and clean. There were little thoughtful details such as spices, condiments and toiletries that are often forgotten.

There were plenty of towels and bedding. We did choose the adult themed option which was perfect for what we called a fantasy weekend. It was a very unique experience to us that we thoroughly enjoyed. We are excited to stay again.

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Adult-Themed Airbnb

5. Smoky Secrets

Location: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

B D S M King Bed.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Smoky Secrets is the ultimate luxe cabin for couples, stirring up that perfect mix of romance and thrill. Right off the bat, the vibe is all “Chains-and-whips-excite-me” with a side of homey comfort.

This one-bed wonder isn’t just about sleeping—it’s about dreaming with your eyes wide open. Whip up some magic in the fully stocked kitchen, or let the large soaking tub and rainfall shower wash away the real world. The king-size bed isn’t just for sleeping; an adult cage awaits the curious and daring beneath it. Oh, and let’s talk about the accessories—whips, masks, ropes, swings, you name it. Whether you’re into light play or something more, this place has the goods.

But hey, it’s not all about the spice. Three fireplaces mean you’re cozy no matter where you hang out—bedroom, bathroom, or kicking back in the living room. And for the BDSM enthusiasts, bring your attachments ’cause this bed’s ready for whatever you’ve got in mind.

Cleanliness? It’s no joke here. Every nook and cranny gets a full, clean treatment, ensuring your stay is exciting and clean. So yeah, Smoky Secrets isn’t just another cabin—it’s where quality meets kink, all wrapped up in a cozy, upscale package. Ready to break the routine and make some memories? Smoky Secrets is your spot.

From the owner:

Escape to Smoky Secrets, the luxurious and intimate cabin designed to bring couples closer together. You’ll feel the romantic and passionate energy surrounding this retreat from the moment you arrive. Smoky Secrets has it all, whether you’re looking to watch Netflix and chill, get steamy in the open shower room, or dive into your deepest fantasies. It’s time to relax, unwind, and let your imagination run wild.

Embrace your most intimate fantasies at this 1 bedroom “50 Shades” themed cabin. Fully stocked kitchen with open-concept living and dining area. Soak away all the stress in the large soaking tub or rainfall shower. The bedroom holds all the secrets with a unique king-size bed with an adult cage on the bottom. Accessories such as whips, masks, ropes, and swing as well as cross and bench for extra fun! 3 fireplaces in the cabin: bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Bring your own attachments to use on the BDSM bed!

As you know what the nature of these cabins is, we take extra cleaning measures. We thoroughly make sure everything gets 100% disinfected. Every inch of this place gets cleaned. This is a family-owned business, and we care about our guests and our business. We can guarantee it is 100% cleaner than a hotel room. Also, the price of the cabins is set mostly to get good quality guests in the door. We are creating a sensual experience and want you to feel comfortable and put your mind at ease when staying with us.

What Guests have to say about this Harry Potter Rental

This vacation rental for adults has 90 reviews on Airbnb, with an average rating of 4.97 out of 5 stars. That makes it an Airbnb guest favorite.

Here’s what Kristen had to say about her visit…

The cabin was just as described/pictured! We went out once to a local pub, otherwise, my boyfriend and i enjoyed a rainy getaway In! The place was clean, sexy and romantic. Lots of options to fulfill your fantasies. Ive already told several friends to check it out!

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Adult-Themed Airbnbs In Spain

6. B – Adult Themed Room with Jacuzzi Bath

Location: Alicante (Alacant), Comunidad Valenciana

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Are you ready to leave your normal life for a while and embrace your wild, spicy side? This adult-themed Airbnb rental in Alicante is not just your usual vanilla vacation home—it’s an adult playground where all your grown-up fantasies can come alive.

Aside from your usual staycation amenities, like a wardrobe and a Wifi and TV set to stream your “favorite shows,” this exciting getaway has its own jacuzzi where you and your partner can soak with a glass of champagne, maybe? It also features a love swing for those ‘let’s be adventurous’ moods and a bit more for the daring. It’s your safe space to explore curiosities, all with a private bathroom attached.

And when you’re not lost in your private fantasy world, there’s a communal lounge and dining area, complete with a kitchenette — because even “snacks” need a snack. Located just a strut away from the Plaza de Toros, you’re smack in the middle of Alicante’s buzz — cafes, restaurants, and the beach are all part of your playground.

From the owner:

Enjoy a time away from your normal life, enjoy a weekend or week break in our adult-themed room complete with a jacuzzi bath, a tantra chair, a love swing, a wall cross, and a cage. This private double bedroom also leads into a second playroom with a private bathroom for you to enjoy, Relax, and unwind. There is also access to a communal lounge/dining area and kitchenette. Situated in Alicante center.

The space
A good size double bedroom with wifi, wardrobe, kettle, plates, cups, television (for you to chromecast) an additional adult playroom with hydrobath, adult play equipment, tantra chair, cross and swing. With a private ensuite bathroom.

What Guests have to say about this adult Airbnb

This Airbnb for adults has 8 reviews on Airbnb, with an average rating of 4.13 out of 5 stars.

Here’s what Neus had to say about his stay,

It’s a lovely house and the room is fine. The bed and the pillow are somewhat uncomfortable and there is no ventilation in the room, it is charged a lot when you plug in the jaccuzzi. But in general, it’s in a good area, the host is very well

Getting The Best Deal

Adult-Themed Airbnbs In Spain

7. C Adult Themed Bedroom with hot tub

Location: Alicante (Alacant), Comunidad Valenciana

Photo Credit: Airbnb

If you’re tired of cookie-cutter rental properties that offer more or less the same usual amenities, then this next getaway is a treat for you. This revamped property in Alicante offers amenities for your comfort and convenience, but it also has “special” features that get you in tune with your naughty side.

Let’s cut to the chase: the adult-only perks make this place a hot ticket. How about being “explored” in a steamy jacuzzi bath? Or maybe you’re up for a little swing on the love swing, adding daring to your stay. The tantra chair is there to help you and your partner find new peaks of pleasure, y’know, get your screams of delight a few decibels higher. And the wall cross invites the more adventurous to push boundaries and explore their wilder side.

When the mood strikes to mingle or switch up the scene, saunter to the communal lounge and dining area. It’s the perfect backdrop for a flirtatious chat or a casual nibble while planning your next escapade into Alicante’s vibrant urban jungle.

From the owner:

Enjoy a time away from your normal life, enjoy a weekend or week break in our adult-themed room complete with a jacuzzi bath, a love swing, a tantra chair, and a wall cross. Relax, unwind, enjoy. Situated in Alicante center.

All our rooms are recently reformed; enjoy your time in your self-contained private room or meet other guests in the communal lounge and dining area with a kitchenette. All rooms have wifi, televisions, towels and sheets supplied. Air conditioning and heating.

You have access to your own private bedroom and bathroom with Jacuzzi. You can also access a communal dining area, lounge area, and kitchenette.

Guests will be greeted on arrival. We can be contacted by email, telephone, or message during your stay.

Situated near Plaza De Toros and in the center of Alicante city. Close to Central Market and tram stop, Plaza Espana, and the central restaurant and shopping streets. You can enjoy a great city break, all within walking distance.

What Guests have to say about this Adult Airbnb

This short-term rental for adults has 12 reviews on Airbnb, with an average rating of 4.08 out of 5 stars. We suggest checking the reviews before booking.

Here’s what Pia had to say about her stay.

If u took a shower the hole room got flooded and I don’t mean just the bathroom I mean the hole room from the bathroom to the other side of the bed. Never going back.

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Adult-Themed Airbnb In Florida

8. The Rabbit Hole

Location: Fort Walton Beach, Florida

This home is KINKY friendly and LGBTQ owned and operated.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

We all know that “going down the Rabbit hole” isn’t always positive and doesn’t really pertain to a staycation. However, this particular Airbnb for adults Rabbit Hole is a place where you can breathe life into your desires and express yourself unequivocally and unapologetically.

The Rabbit Hole is just a few miles from The Sunshine State’s Emerald Coast, known for its pristine beaches and gorgeous turquoise waters. So, yes, this is a slice of paradise peppered with a little bit of kink and sprinkled with a little bit of mischief.

LGBT-owned and operated, this one-of-a-kind vacation home offers the basic amenities for your convenience, like high-end mattresses, to ensure your adventures are as restful as they are risqué. The decor whispers seduction at every turn, setting the mood for a stay that’s anything but ordinary.

The Rabbit Hole also boasts a dungeon designed for those who dare to explore their desires in a safe and stylish setting. And for moments of relaxation or cheeky fun, the screened-in patio with a hot tub awaits. Here, clothing is optional, highlighting freedom and liberation from the norms.

From the owner:

This is an elegant adult getaway. Centrally located near the Emerald Coast of Florida, home of pure white beaches – we bring you

The Rabbit Hole! This home is KINKY-friendly and LGBTQ owned and operated. Escape to a place where themed rooms and a dungeon allow your fantasies to become reality. You won’t be able to resist.

  • High-end mattresses & bedding
  • Outdoor seating
  • Screened-in patio with Hot Tub
  • Adult decor
  • Clothing optional areas include the hot tub area and dungeon


At the time of writing, this property had no reviews.

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Adult-Themed Airbnb

9. Casa XXX1 Kinky suite sex fantasy Zona rosa CDMX

Location: Mexico City, Mexico City

The owners provide unique decor to satisfy your desires, including a cage and a cross-shaped bed attached to the wall for bondage.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

This adult-themed Airbnb is right in the nightlife epicenter, this next rental property on our list turns up the dial on your typical stay – it’s where fantasies aren’t just dreams. Kinky décor sets the mood–and it’s not just love seats here; those are just for rookies! Real cage-type beds, whips, chains, and bondage wall crosses are all about that adventurously naughty vibe.

Here, discretion is key. Your private room with a bathroom offers a no-doorman, hush-hush experience. Craving something extra? Reach out to the owners on WhatsApp for that exclusive in-room bar service – think of it as VIP treatment, just for you.

Located on Antwerp Street, you’re in the heart of the action. Bars, the LGBT scene, and all-night party vibes are your neighbors. Whether Ubering to the next adventure or exploring the streets on foot, you’re connected to the city’s pulse.

From the owner:

Suite of a double bed with an ensuite bathroom
Centrally located in nightlife
We offer kinky decor to fulfill all your fantasies cage, and cross bed on the wall for ties
We have a bar service to the room, a mini bar, and the best location

The space
It’s a private room with a bathroom that shares a lobby lobby with 2 other rooms
Discretion and separate entrance is offered.


This adult Airbnb has 12 reviews with a rating of 4.33 out of 5

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Adult-Themed Airbnbs In Italy

The Kinky House (Golden Whip Studio)

Location: Milano, Lombardia

Top-notch adult-only property with complete fetishes and BDSM equipment.
Photo Credit: Airbnb

You’ve made it to the last of our list. After seeing the unique properties above, you probably think, “Okay, nothing could be kinkier than those vacation homes.” I hate to break it to you, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Now we present The Kinky House, also aptly called Golden Whip Studio.

This isn’t just an ordinary getaway; it’s a ticket to land on Santa’s Naughty List this year. It’s an open space well-curated for those with a taste for fetish aesthetics. It’s a nod to the living rooms of yesterday, reimagined for today’s adventurous souls. It’s also a treasure trove full of devices, props, and equipment to fulfill and satisfy your every fetish.

Heels for your foot fetish? Check! Fetish latex gas mask? You got it! Costumes for your sultry role plays? Yup! Whips and handcuffs? Yes, and yes, Daddy! Maximum pleasure and satisfaction are at the tip of your fingers, with the equipment cleaned and ready for use.

But of course, it also has the basic amenities for your convenience: top-notch internet, cameras to capture your sexiest moments, smart TV with Netflix and Prime, air conditioning, and all the essential features to stay comfortable.

From the owner:

A corner of Paradise for Gentiluomini and Gentildonne with an adventurous soul. Golden Whip is the open space dedicated to those who love fetish aesthetics while respecting good taste and elegance. A space that stands out for the taste of the details, for the warm colors of the boiserie, the parquet and the carpets of oriental art. A call from the living rooms from other times that tickle unusual desires and imaginations.


This property has mixed reviews. We suggest checking the reviews before booking.

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