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Tiny Geopod

Location: Todd, North Carolina

Tiny Geopod with your own heated bathroom, outside covered cooking space, and grilling area
Photo Credit: Airbnb

Living in a bubble takes a new meaning with this charming glamping geopod in North Carolina. Tiny Geopod, as it is aptly named, is designed with nature and a reduced carbon footprint in mind. All you need for camping comfort and convenience—including a high-speed WiFi connection—is packaged into this 130-square-foot property. However, it still has room for a few luxuries, like access to a private hot tub to soak in while enjoying the views.

From the owner:

Have it both ways with the Tiny Geopod – a retreat in nature AND a 5-minute walk to historic downtown Todd or a 15 to 20 min. drive to downtown Boone and W. Jefferson. Enjoy the well-appointed Tiny Pod and three unique outdoor spaces, with private access to a hot tub, fire table, gazebo, and comfy outdoor furniture. Cook meals in the Pod’s outdoor kitchen or outdoor grilling area. Relax and refresh while experiencing the joy of tiny living! The Tiny Geopod was designed and built with the vision of simple yet comfortable living that supports a deep connection with nature and a smaller footprint on the planet. The meticulously designed 130 square-foot Tiny Geopod uses every inch and lacks for nothing.

With the small interior footprint, most of the space is dedicated to three truly magical outdoor areas. The outdoor main deck has a breakfast bar, gas fire pit, and a seating area to relax and enjoy nature. The second outdoor space brings you even further among the trees, accentuating the winter views of the mountains. Read a good book, take a nap, enjoy the view of the trees while relaxing on the outdoor patio furniture, or relax in the hot tub after a nice day of hiking. The third space is a unique outdoor kitchen and bathroom (partially used during winter). Cook delicious meals on the cute small gas stove top or grill to your heart’s content on the stainless 3-burner gas grill. You can expect to see birds, deer, and other wildlife while you enjoy the outdoors.

The Tiny Geopod was built with all the essentials and packaged into a cozy, comfortable, and retreat-like space. With an emphasis on sustainability, the Geopod is powered by the nearby community solar garden, and guests can reduce waste by recycling and composting on the property. A well-equipped kitchen (please note: kitchen sink will be closed during winter and only disposable plates/cups cutlery provided during this time; the grill will still be available for cooking; water is available from the bathroom sink inside the insulated/heated bathroom), unique high-end bathroom, convertible working/dining area, and comfy sleeping space with cozy sheets are a few of the features. Use high-speed Wi-Fi to watch a movie on your laptop or tablet while relaxing after a day of exploring. A coffee and tea bar and shampoos/soaps are just a few other amenities.

Getting The Best Deal

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