Unique Airbnb Stays Around the Globe – Escape the Ordinary

Unique Airbnb Stays – In a world where the hunt for the unique and Instagram-worthy is real, we’re setting the stage for an eye-opening journey through some of the most unusual rental properties and AirBnBs across the globe. This is no ordinary travel article; it’s a peek into the extraordinary.

Imagine cozying up in a futuristic eco-lodge with a living roof that buzzes with bees and overlooks verdant fields. Or how about waking up in a whitewashed windmill on a Greek island, where the sunsets are so epic they feel like a personal light show? We’re taking you to these dreamy escapes and more.

But wait, there’s more! Ever fancied living on the water? We’ve got houseboats that redefine waterfront living. And for those who love a mix of gritty and pretty, check out our lofts, where industrial vibes meet sheer opulence. And, for a heavenly touch, we’ve even got a chapel-turned-getaway that’s nothing short of divine.

So, are you ready to up your travel game and dive into stays as unique as your Insta feed? Let’s jump into this journey where the unusual is your average Thursday. Welcome to a world where the unconventional is not just accepted; it’s celebrated.

Unique Airbnb In Kent

1. Bumble Barn at Great Field Farm

Location: Canterbury, Kent

Photo Credit: Airbnb

First on our list of unique Airbnb stays is the Bumble Barn at Great Field Farm, not just any holiday lodge; it’s an eco-friendly haven where modern luxury meets sustainable living. Tucked away in a lush 45-acre landscape, this Passivhaus-standard accommodation boasts a unique living sedum roof that’s a total bee magnet. Imagine kicking back in a spacious living area, your favorite show streaming on a crisp 4K TV, surrounded by breathtaking open-field views.

The fully-equipped kitchen is a dream for those who love to cook, offering everything you need to whip up some delish eats. Catch some z’s in style in the main bedroom, outfitted with a king-sized bed and color-changing LED lights for that perfect ambiance. Plus, there are two cozy twin bedrooms for extra snooze space.
It’s more than just a stay; it’s your eco-chic home away from home, blending top-notch amenities with an eco-conscious ethos in a totally Instagram-worthy setting.

From the owner:

Great Field Farm is set on 45 acres, including gardens, paddocks, and a great field with different crops yearly.

Bumble Barn is the newest addition to our eco-friendly holiday lodges. Built to Passiv house standards with smart technology and a beautiful living sedum roof that bees love.

The views from the sitting room and patio over open fields and sky are stunning, with wildlife all around.

It is quiet and rural, yet Canterbury, Folkestone, Hythe, and Channel Tunnel are only 10 to 10 minutes away.

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Unique Airbnb In Santorini

2. Green Windmill

Location: Imerovigli, Santorini

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Step into the Green Windmill in Oia, Santorini, and get ready for an Insta-worthy escape that’s anything but basic. This unique Airbnb isn’t just a stay; it’s a full-on luxury experience in a dreamy white-washed windmill. Imagine chilling in a living space with killer views of vineyards and the Aegean Sea.
The upstairs is a game-changer: a spacious, cone-shaped bedroom with all the room you need to zen out. And let’s talk about the pool – it’s bean-shaped with a hydromassage feature, perfect for those relaxation goals.

This place has everything you need: Wi-Fi (because, obviously), AC, a chef-worthy kitchen, and a spot to park your ride. Plus, daily maid service? Yes, please! Get ready to crash on eco-friendly mattresses and treat yourself with luxe Apivita goodies.

From the owner:

Continually awarded the best sunset in the world, Oia in Santorini draws travelers from worldwide just to see this magnificent sight. Imagine seeing this world-class view from where you are staying, a luxurious retreat carved out of a white-washed windmill that Santorini is famous for. Staying in a windmill is an escape from reality and a fantasy trip. The design does not compromise luxury and modern comforts, and the sophisticated style will appease even the most demanding visitors.

The ground floor showcases views of the vineyards, the swimming pool, and the Aegean Sea and contains the living room, dining room, and kitchen. Amble up the spiral staircase to the second floor and relax in the second-floor bedroom, a cone-shaped room with an ensuite that leaves plenty of space to move freely around the room.

The swimming pool, in the shape of a bean, offers an ideal hydro-massage for 4 persons and is located near a pergola in the shadow of which you may enjoy breakfast or meals. The uniqueness of this listing, combined with the quietness of the islands and unforgettable Greek hospitality, will leave you with memories that you will remember forever.

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Unconventional Airbnb In Holland

3. Het Torentje van Trips

Location: Tripscompagnie, Groningen

Photo Credit: VRBO

Sitting at the heart of Groningen, the Torentje van Trips offers a one-of-a-kind stay. This unique B&B, a creatively converted old water mill, blends historic charm with modern luxury. Picture yourself in a cozy living area on the ground floor, complete with a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom. The adventure continues upstairs with two snug bedrooms, perfect for unwinding. The attic steals the show, offering a quaint sleeping experience amidst old beams, adding a touch of nostalgia.

The mill doesn’t just rest on its historical laurels. It’s equipped with contemporary comforts, including fast Wi-Fi, efficient floor heating, and a large dishwasher, ensuring a seamless stay. Step outside, and you’re greeted by expansive green space, an idyllic spot for soaking up the sun or enjoying outdoor activities.

The mill’s original machinery from 1836, preserved in the basement, adds to its unique appeal. Located in a tranquil area, it’s surrounded by open fields, with a swimming lake within walking distance.

From the owner:

Enjoy silence, space, and nature.

Near the city of Groningen (Central Groningen) stands Het Torentje van Trips. Here you can see the sunrise and see, with a fantastic view over the surrounding green landscape.

The Turret of Trips is an old water mill that we have converted into luxury heritage accommodation. There is a small lake with a beach within walking distance and several dining options. The interior is luxurious and modern while retaining the characteristic elements. The atmosphere is warm and friendly.

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Unique Airbnb In Phang Nga

4. Jaiyen Eco Resort

Location: Koh Yao Noi, Phang Nga

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Jaiyen, hidden away in Koh Yao Noi, is the definition of a serene escape with a millennial twist. Here, you’re not just booking a room. You’re stepping into a space where chill meets charm. The dome-shaped rooms are a dream, featuring king-sized beds and extra sofa beds, ideal for stretching out or snuggling up.

But wait, there’s more – think in-room massages, private yoga sessions, and plant-based culinary delights. And yes, an infinity pool is totally Insta-worthy, plus an outdoor gym for that sunrise workout. Wrapped in the stunning views of Phang Nga Bay, Jaiyen blends modern comforts like Wi-Fi and air conditioning with a vibe about unwinding and soaking in the island life. It’s the perfect blend of comfort, culture, and cool, making it a hotspot for those looking to detox digitally and reconnect with nature.

From the owner:

Jaiyen, Thai for ‘calm heart’, is a homely space designed for your mind, body, & spirit. It is a safe space to recollect your thoughts, write, paint, create, or just relax and find inspiration in the surrounding nature. We offer healthy plant-based meals, in-room massages, private yoga lessons, island activities & friendly animals.

The space is set on the quieter Western beachfront of tranquil Koh Yao Noi. By hiring a scooter or taxi, which is highly recommended, you can access everything on the island within 20 minutes. A bicycle is also perfect to rent on this island, which only has two hills. The rooms are spacious natural domes, with king-sized beds and the option for an extra sofa bed. An outdoor gym, an infinity pool, and a pavilion serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The whole property offers a view of the calm Phang Nga Bay waters and surreal limestone cliffs.

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Unique Airbnb In Louisiana

5. Engine 24 French Quarter Firehouse

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo Credit: VRBO

Ready for a NOLA adventure with a twist? Check out this unique Airbnb. The Engine 24 French Quarter Firehouse Bed & Breakfast. This isn’t your average stay; it’s a historic fire station turned into a hip B&B. Located in Faubourg Marigny, you’re in the mix, sandwiched between the iconic French Quarter and the eclectic Bywater.

This spot boasts three unique units: the Main Floor, Penthouse, and Townhouse. They’re perfect for big crews or family reunions, comfortably fitting 14 people. Picture chilling in the private living spaces or the revamped courtyard, complete with a fountain – ideal for those laid-back evenings.

All the essentials are covered: Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a cozy setup. The Firehouse mixes old-school charm with modern perks, making it a killer choice for those looking to soak up the real New Orleans vibe.

From the owner:

One of New Orleans’ most unique vacation lodging properties is the Engine 24 French Quarter Firehouse Bed & Breakfast, one of the few VRBO properties licensed by the City of New Orleans for Bed & Breakfasts! (City license #296992) Stay in an authentic historic firehouse while enjoying the modern amenities of this renovated gem.

We are located in the heart of the Faubourg Marigny, considered by many travel magazines to be one of America’s hot neighborhoods. Next door is the French Quarter, one of the most historic and charming areas. And to the other side is the hip, funky Bywater, a neighborhood which, like the Faubourg Marigny, features great local eateries and cool bars.

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Unique Airbnb In Washington

6. Sleepless In Seattle

Location: Seattle, Washington

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Check out this Seattle houseboat for a stay straight out of a dream. Featured on the Discovery Channel, this 1000 sq ft space rocks a full remodel. It’s got three bedrooms, two baths, and decks that are all about those chill vibes. Moorage for your boat? Check. Hot tub for those relax-and-unwind sessions? You bet. And let’s talk tech: high-speed internet and cable TV are on deck to keep you connected.

The dining room flips into a dance floor or yoga studio (hello, versatility!), and the kitchen? It’s a showstopper with stainless steel counters and a coral aquarium. Water sports fans, get ready to live it up with paddleboarding, kayaking, you name it. With all these perks, plus essentials like Wi-Fi and parking, this designer houseboat is your go-to for an offbeat Seattle adventure.

From the owner:

Featured on Discovery Channel’s show “Ultimate Homes”. 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, totally remodeled, 1000 sq ft, with terrific decks, moorage for boat available, hot tub, high-speed internet, cable TV, all utilities, residential parking permit, designer houseboat, prime location at the end of the dock.

The dining room converts into a dance floor or yoga studio. The dining room table folds into a buffet table. Stainless steel counters in the kitchen. Cool coral aquarium over the kitchen sink. Enjoy all your water toys, such as paddle boarding, sunfishing, kayaking, windsurfing, and canoeing.

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Unique Airbnb In Ile-De-France

7. Le Loft Usine

Location: Bruyères-le-Châtel, Île-de-France

Photo Credit: Airbnb

“LE LOFT USINE” in Bruyères-le-Châtel, Île-de-France, is not just a place to stay; it’s a lifestyle. This 700m2 industrial-chic loft, tucked away near a serene forest, is perfect for everything from a family vacation to a work retreat. You’re set up for luxury with five deluxe suites, including a separate 50m2 space. The open-plan kitchen leads to a sprawling 160m2 dining area, ideal for hosting or chilling. And windows? Don’t know them! This swanky vacation home has glass for walls!

Aside from the bougie design, it also features nothing short of luxurious amenities! Dive into the heated indoor pool, sweat it out in the sauna or gym, or get your style on in the in-house salon. There are billiards, darts, and a DJ mixing table with cool lighting for fun. All the essentials like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, a fully-stocked kitchen, laundry, parking, and a workspace are included, making it a fab spot for those looking for a glam escape with all the mod-cons.

From the owner:

Invite yourself to this magnificent 700 m2 loft close to the quiet forest and out of sight… At the design and industrial look, it will adapt to your family, professional stays, and your events.
You won’t be disappointed!!!

The space
You will enjoy 5 master suites with a dressing room, including 1 outside in an outbuilding of 50 m2, a living room, an equipped open kitchen, and a more than 160 m2 dining area.
A heated indoor pool, sauna, gym, hairdresser, billiards and dart games, a mixing table, and light games will be available.

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Unconventional Airbnb In England

8. The Old Chapel

Location: Apse Heath, England

Photo Credit: Airbnb

In Apse Heath, there’s a converted chapel that’s all kinds of cool for your next getaway. It’s a two-bedroom spot that seamlessly nails the open-concept vibe, blending the kitchen, dining, and lounge areas. The gallery is a winner, doubling as a work spot and a cozy reading nook with killer views.

This place isn’t just about looks; it’s comfy, with beds that feel like a cloud and sofas perfect for lounging. Tech-wise, you’re sorted with Smart TVs, Alexa speakers, and reliable Wi-Fi. The kitchen has everything you need, and the underfloor heating adds extra warmth.

Need a breath of fresh air? The private garden’s just a short stroll through the car park. Perfect for families or a friends’ retreat, this chapel has charm and all the modern perks, making it a standout choice for a bit different stay.

From the owner:

A beautifully converted chapel. Bright, spacious, and lovely views from the gallery and a peaceful workspace. Wi-Fi. Pineapple Room with kingsize bed. Jungle Room twin beds or king. Lovely bathroom with shower over bath. Spacious family room with fully equipped kitchen, dining, and lounge. Downstairs cloakroom. Designated onsite parking for one car. Enclosed garden ( access across little car park). Two housetrained dogs are welcome and MUST be included in the booking. No puppies.

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Unique Airbnb In Spain

9. Mentahouse

Location: Alcover, Catalunya

Photo Credit: Airbnb

Mentahouse is a unique Airbnb near Alcover and La Selva del Camp, is where eco-friendly meets Instagram-worthy aesthetics. It’s all about living sustainably without skimping on style. Imagine sipping your artisan coffee in a naturally cool, aircon-free zone during summers and snuggling up in a toasty, eco-efficient haven when winter hits.

The house boasts a spacious, 70-square-meter living area that perfectly blends a chef’s dream kitchen and a chill lounge space. Whether it’s a low-key family hangout or a little soirée with your crew, this space adapts effortlessly. Bedrooms? You’ve got a zen double bedroom and a quirky three-bed setup.

The garden is a lush 1,500-square-meter playground with an eco-twist. Think serene mornings amidst olive and fig trees or fun times with the little ones in the kiddie pool and on swings.

From the owner:

A design single house with a large garden and a new outdoor kitchen (2021), practical and family atmosphere, very comfortable. It is located near beaches and mountains in Barcelona in a quiet urbanization. Large garden, big room with kitchen office (70metros), one room with double bed, three beds and a bathroom.

New single-family home, 2012 cute design near beach and mountains and Barcelona in a quiet urbanization. Large garden, big room with kitchen office (70metros), one room with double bed, three beds and a bathroom.

Mentahouse was built in 2012 and has an ecological design with all amenities, a large garden with swings, a wooden shed, and a children’s pool. The house is modern and caring, has a large great room with kitchen office (70metros) with sofa double house, one room with double bed, a room with three beds and a bathroom. A house without air conditioning but with great energy efficiency, cool in summer and warm in winter.

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Unique Airbnb In Florida

10. Oasis with Insane Outdoor Area Near Wilton Manors

Location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Photo Credit: Airbnb

In the heart of Fort Lauderdale, minutes from Wilton Manors, this spot is about blending fast-paced tech life with laid-back outdoor living. Think ultra-fast 1Gbps WiFi for streaming and working without a glitch. The outdoor scene? Totally Insta-worthy, with a heated salt pool, a sleek new pergola, and a massive deck to lounge on.

Inside, it’s all about luxury with a twist. Bedrooms with cloud-like linens promise epic sleep, and the third room doubles as a workspace with a view. The indoor kitchen is a foodie’s paradise, and the outdoor setup, featuring a pizza oven, is perfect for those alfresco dinner parties.

Just a quick ride from the action of Fort Lauderdale Beach and Downtown Las Olas, this place combines serene privacy with easy access to city vibes.

From the owner:

This property features our brand-new Le Chateau Soft Cloud Percale luxury bed linen for a heavenly sleep experience every time. This is one of our premier properties because of its huge yard and privacy. Enjoy the large trees that provide peace, cool shade during the day, and a perfect canopy at night. The home has three rooms: 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths; the third bedroom has a queen size bed and a small desk should you choose to do some work while gazing at the stunning trees outside. There’s a fully stocked indoor designer kitchen with a large island, a fully automatic espresso machine, and a huge outdoor kitchen with a pizza oven! We promise you’ll never want to leave. Enjoy the quiet, peaceful, spectacular yard with its stunning trees. The property is just 2 minutes from Wilton Manors and 10 minutes from Fort Lauderdale Beach and everything Downtown Las Olas offers.

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