Harry Potter Airbnb Adventure: Stay in a Wizarding World Wonderland

Harry Potter Airbnb Adventure: Stay in a Wizarding World Wonderland

Harry Potter Airbnb near Disney World, Florida

Muggle Manor

Location: Davenport, Florida

Photo Credit: Airbnb

If you haven’t received your Hogwarts letter yet, you can stop wondering if Uncle Vernon had taken them, and instead, Wingardium Leviosa (It’s leviOsa, not levioSA!) your way to this magical vacation home in Florida! Muggle Manor, where every Potterhead’s dream comes to life, is not just some cookie-cutter rental property—it’s an entire experience of immersing yourself into the magical world of Harry Potter, the boy who lived.

Be prepared for a jaw-dropping surprise as you enter the Great Room. It’s the ultimate hangout spot, decked out with magical artifacts behind charm-proof glass. Plush couches make it perfect for a Potter movie marathon or a wizard’s duel of board games. The bedrooms are straight out of a Potter fan’s dream, while The Hut gives off major Hagrid’s homey vibes.

Even He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named would be stoked about the pool. Redone in 2023, it’s a saltwater paradise, complete with a control module for that magical touch. It’s like having your own Prefects’ Bathroom, but without the Moaning Myrtle drama.

From the owner:
We’ve waited to receive our acceptance letter since reading the first book and seeing the first movie. Now we can say that dream has come true with Muggle Manor.

Muggle Manor is a complete themed home from the ceilings, with custom beams, to the custom concrete floor. No space was left untouched! Enjoy this 4 bedroom, 3 bath home with a private pool and spa. Centrally located just 26 miles from Universal Studios Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, 12 miles to Disney, and 33 miles to MCO.

Getting The Best Deal

This magical rental is only available on Airbnb.

Watch this video for a full tour of this house!

Just 25 miles from Universal’s Wizarding World


Your kids will think that you have magic powers

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